Our Story

“A Little Bit of Heaven,” is a 501(c) 3 organization aiding the homeless, accommodating the homeless male population since October 2001. We fully support and recognize the seriousness of developing programs that will help to combat homelessness.

Identification of the most vulnerable, assuring that anyone in need will not go unfed or uncovered is our daily goal. Our doors are open to the disabled, weary, mentally abused, physically abused, and drug addicted.We are committed to social and economic justice that ensures access to needed services, resources and equal opportunities. We strive to promote capacity, sustainability and provide innovative and effective services for individuals and our community.

We believe in permanent solutions to homelessness. We believe that housing is a right not a privilege. All individuals should be treated respectfully, honestly and ethically. Aside from transitional housing, we also serve as an Emergency Overnight Shelter and currently provides services, such as support groups for substance (drugs and/or alcohol) abuse counseling, referrals for job skills/training and job placement.

Our Agency has served 34,275 meals and provided 13,935 beds to the homeless population of the greater Chicagoland area in 2013. A Little Bit of Heaven promotes self-sufficiency by offering assistance in obtaining permanent housing, providing employment assistance and referrals. Assistance in applying and receiving SSI Benefits also those applying for Food Stamps and additional benefits as needed. We want to keep our doors open to any and everyone in need of our services.

Board of Directors List

Mrs. Lardell Braxton

The late, Ms. Braxton, Founder of “A Little Bit of Heaven” Had over 40 years of experience in caring for people less fortunate, deprived and forgotten. After dedicating over four decades to serving humanity, Ms. Braxton, learned to live by the following motto,

Mr. Kevin Braxton

Mr. Braxton has provided many years of service to the community and “A Little Bit of Heaven”, as Chairman he places emphasis on leading the others with an understanding of the need to help. Today, as the Chairman of the Board at “A Little Bit of Heaven” (ALBOH) Homeless Shelter in the Roseland Community, with the desire to help others deeply embedded in his heart.

Sheila Braxton

Ms. Braxton attended Kennedy King College where she Majored in Education and Minored in Psychology. Associates Degree in Education. Ms. Braxton continued her education at Chicago State University. A Little Bit of Heaven. As Executive CEO, she breaks down the barriers to make sure that A Little Bit of Heaven as well as the Roseland Community and Greater Chicago Area is clothed, fed and given shelter. For over 13 years, she has been instrumental in battling the face of homelessness and with her dedication & determination she will continue to prevail over this growing problem.

Other Significant members

  • Joyce Ammons - Secretary
  • Delisa Ibrahim - Treasurer
  • Joann Jones
  • Margaret Vaughn
  • Cornell Smith
  • Deacon Rickey Harvest
  • Lamar Smith
  • Linda Allen
  • Michelle Ratliff
  • Karla Richardson
  • Valarie Batteast-Fleming - Advisory Member
  • Dr. E.L. Kornegay, Jr. – Advisory Member
  • Ellen Clare Measner - Advisory Member
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